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July 11, 2023.

Office of the President

President, Recently, Los Angeles Unification Newspaper Korea unity press. Publisher Bae Boo-jeon, reporter, Chungnam National University President Dr. Lee Jeong-ho ..Lee the world passed away in 2004, the first daughter kay a. Lee (graduated from Tokyo University in Japan. Graduated from UC San Diego University. Currently living in LA. Health is in critical condition) and I, a common-law marriage man, inherited a 500 million won inheritance. A local attorney will contact you.

ㅡAt the time, the NIS director Ko Jeong-gu's team, who recognized this truth, rushed to the bereaved family's house, created an atmosphere of fear, and blocked the transfer of money to the United States.

ㅡ Due to this, the victims are in trouble until today in 2023.

EU Therefore, today, when the regime was changed, please confirm whether President Yoon ordered me to pay at least 500 million won for damages at the time.

● Today, on the 11th, a major NIS overseas executive said "I know" to reporter Bae's petition (end of last May), but today, July 11th, "I have never said that, I don't know what it is about. I" flippers. Hahaha there are converts in the NIS. threat of national fraud. Start disclosing the facts of blackmail crimes to the world)

Now in the NIS, as before, so-called delivery accidents and money fraud. Thoroughly investigate whether there is any fact of embezzlement of distribution. continue.


July 11th LA...

●S. Korea National Intelligence Service, Reporter LA Bae Did the National Intelligence Service appropriate personal inheritance money of 500 million won this time? President Chun Doo-hwan, Director Jang Se-dong, Army Security Command special money.. President Lee Myung-bak's gift money? There are still people who swindled money for other activities and rewards. ㅡ2005 A crime that blocked the illegal transfer of heritage to the United States. Did you split the money without compensating? I won't forgive you guys from now on



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