N.korea ??.????????

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ㅡ 오 마이 갓.

North Korea + China Bacterial Terrorism, U.S. Retaliate Put down the North Korean germs.

LA 미디어 배 기자 분석이 맞구나. 2019년 11월경 [중국 + 북한이 공모.모의.작당하여 쏜 탄저균(세균무기. 대량살상 무기)이 끝없이 감염.전염 된다] 분석, 3년간 연속 뉴스했던 것이 적중 ?

ㅡ Oh my god.

LA Media reporter Bae's analysis is correct. Around November 2019, [China-North Korea's conspiracy, conspiracy, and conspiracy to infect and contagious anthrax (bacterial weapons, weapons of mass destruction) endlessly] Analysis, what has been news for 3 years in a row is correct?

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