The White House • September 18, 2019


TODAY: President Trump visits the border

President Donald J. Trump is in California today, where he traveled to Otay Mesa—a community just north of the border—to get a firsthand look at new wall construction.


The wall may be President Trump’s most important promise kept to the American people. As a matter of policy, it adds to and replaces outdated, often embarrassingly ineffective fencing to protect our country from human smugglers, drug traffickers, and criminal cartels. As a matter of symbolism, it reassures Americans that after years of empty promises from Washington to fix immigration, their voices mean something.


 Watch: The wall is going up fast!


So today, despite resistance from open-border Democrats to enforcing laws that already exist and to keeping promises they already made, the wall is going up. American families, law enforcement, and millions of legal immigrants will be safer for it.


Politico: President Trump’s plan to stem border crossings gets results.


More: “Trump keeps winning on immigration – against all odds.”


In photos: Ivanka Trump at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America


Advisor to the President Ivanka Trumpand Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross co-chaired the third American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting this morning. Part of an effort to expand training opportunities for Americans of all ages, today’s meeting was hosted by Boys & Girls Clubs of America CEO Jim Clark—a fellow Advisory board member—at one of the organization’s local clubs here in Washington, D.C.


Earlier this year, President Trump established the Advisory Board to build on his promise to bring Americans off the sidelines and into our booming labor force. With some of America’s top leaders signed on, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, this vision is quickly becoming a reality.


  Photos: Ivanka Trump and Secretary Ross tour the Boys & Girls Club


“Ensuring that the workers of tomorrow have the skills they'll need to thrive in a rapidly changing economy is a core mission of the White House,” Ivanka Trump said.


The Pledge to America’s Workers, which brings the public and private sectors together to fulfill that mission, has secured more than 12 million new career opportunities for American workers and students in just a little over a year so far.IMG_20190918_193854_029.jpg


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